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The Technical Writing Software Suite Pledge:
  • All products are the most up-to-date versions.
  • All carry the manufacturer's full warranty, tech support, and documentation.
  • Any customer data you submit to us is protected against unauthorized access and shall not, under any circumstances, be sold, rented, or otherwise used.

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      Technical Writer's Editing Toolkit

         TechEditor more info  $150  Download
         TechEditor more info  $150  CD-ROM*
                   * If you order the CD, you will also receive the download, at no additional cost.
    TechEditor includes all the following on one CD/download:
      StyleWriter | Technical Writer | Essay Writer | Letter Writer
    Resume Writer | Business Plan Writer | Outliner Tree
    Advanced Calculator | Dictionary-Thesaurus | Typing Tutor

      For Organizing Research Logically in Unlimited Blocks of Text, etc.

         Writers Blocks more info  $119  Download
         Writers Blocks more info  $119  CD-ROM

      For Formatting Articles, Manuscripts, Manuals, Reports, etc.

         The Wizard of Words more info  $75  Download
         The Wizard of Words more info  $75  CD-ROM

      For EVERYTHING that is in our Wizard of Words software PLUS reference/citation collection/management "easy bibliography" features known as CiteWiz (CiteWiz is not sold separately)

         Wizard for Scholars/Students Special more info  $104  Download
         Wizard for Scholars/Students Special more info  $104  CD-ROM

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